“2017 all the way, inheritance, transcendence, innovation and bright future”

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---New Daming Aluminum Inc 2017 Spring Festival gala held ceremoniously

From the old to the new exhibition, we will create a new brilliant new Daming. On the evening of January 5th, the new Daming Aluminum Inc held a new year's spring festival featuring the theme of "2017 all trades, inheritance, transcendence and innovation." The dinner was located in the factory of Zhaoqing new Daming Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd., and opened more than 100 tables. The government leaders, bank representatives, supplier representatives, dealer representatives, the board members of the company and all the staff of the company were dressed up to 1000 people to celebrate the annual feast.




A speech by the chairman of the chairman of the new Daming group company

After entering the lottery, the two deputy director of the production department, the chief executive of the Ministry of administration and the director of the purchasing department jointly drew up the three prize for 60 prize. The sales department, the deputy director of the finance department and the finance director jointly drew up the two prize for the 50 prize. The activity was carried out in a warm atmosphere, and everyone stared at the lottery tickets.

Three, two, and other awards scene

In the raffle, the game "banana king competition" and "balloon burst competition" were interspersed. The game is the speed of eating bananas and blowing balloons. The scene is intense, cheerful and full of life.

Game "banana king contest"

The game "balloon blasting"
After the dinner party, the leadership of the board of directors and the senior management of the group will give us a toast, the support of the leadership of the government, the assistance to the suppliers, the cooperation of the distributors, and the hard work of all the staff of the company.

Company leader toast
At the same time, the "God of wealth" played by the employees of the company also went to the wine table to give everyone a red bag, and the scene was full of rich and peaceful atmosphere.

Next, the game "guessing song name" link to the party atmosphere to a small climax, only hear the music just finished, immediately before the audience ran to the stage, the right song name, and the song of guessing improvised. The guessing songs include "the National Anthem", "friends", "the Qinghai Tibet Plateau" and "the most dazzling national wind". When the song "little apple" was sung, the host invited the company to lead the stage. Mr. Pan, the director of the company, ran to the stage first. Then the chairman of the group, the general manager, the director of the factory and other company leaders ran to the stage. Under the guidance of Mr. Pan, the director of the board, everyone jumped up the cheerful "small apple" dance. There is a good interaction between the platform and the platform. This fully embodies the leadership of the company leaders and the people enjoying the same fun, and also strongly explains that this is a vigorous leading collective.

The company's leadership is happy with the people

The exciting live raffle gives everyone a chance to participate. The first prize for the joint extraction by the board of directors is expected; the special prize drawn by the chairman of the chairman, Mr. Pan of the board of directors, and Mr. Li, the gold medal client, is more exciting. As the grand prize turns out, the cheers from the scene rise and fall.

Exciting lottery

Finally, the special prize awarding ceremony brought the party to the climax, a "unforgettable night" to set the picture at this moment - the beautiful night is always fast, unyielding. Although the party is close to the end, the footsteps of "Daming people" have just stepped into the new journey. Looking forward to 2017, we will face all kinds of challenges with high spirit. As the chairman of the new Daming group, Mr. Gu, said in his speech, the new year opens new hopes, the new course carries the new dream and the company director. Under the leadership of the association, with the joint efforts of all the staff, the new great Ming will surely create brilliant results again.

At this point, in the cheering of "Daming aluminum products, good tomorrow", the 2017 new spring Gala ended successfully.

(text, photography / Pan Yong)

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